Improving one of nature’s resources with science 


EAU Technology sought to expand it’s market offerings and identified the deepening consumer health-product market as a strategic entry point. Aquagen utilizes patented EAU Technology, allowing for beneficial oxygen molecules to be inserted into other liquids. 


Many small health-product brands and mom-and-pop entries exist, expounding numerous substantial claims which dilute segment cred-ibility. Given oxygen supplements are emerging as a new and growing category, it was critical the brand and identity be positioned as product stemming from a scientific and a fact based core. Shelf space is limited at better grocery and other health-conscious retail locations, with slotting fees increasing, so brand storytelling and maximum design impact were absolutely paramount - especially as the product line was new to not only retail buyers, but consumers. 


Aquagen merges aqua (water) with gen (genesis) and stands as a nexus reflecting the promise of the technology. Simple, easy to say, and friendly in it’s lowercase typographical appear-ance, the Aquagen logo reflects the power and transformation for all who use the products. The dynamic nature of the repetitive asymmetrical water shapes is hypnotic in feel, and the trian-gular geometry provides stability, reinforcing the scientific nature of the product. Supplemental images of water appear with line art versions of the mark reinforcing the brand, and its unique properties. Incorporating people into all brand-ing elements depicts a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Using a bright color palette system and clear nomenclature provides for key product categori-zation and added shelf impact. 

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