Rebranding an innovative cybersercurity solution

A key challenge facing cybersecurity professionals today is the ever-expanding number of software vulnerabilities. While numerous solutions and approaches to cyber technology exist, CYR3CON approaches cybersecurity from the hacker’s world view, identifying real threats to assets based on attacker behaviors.

With tremendous potential and momentum and numerous accolades piling up, the founders wished to have a memorable brand worthy of the technology. The cybersecurity industry is filled with innovation and large companies that have staked out significant technology solutions with compelling brands to match.
Approaching cybersecurity from the hacker’s world view gave inspiration to an area for brand naming and positioning, in conjunction with it's AI power. The disruptive nature of looking for and identifying undercurrents of hacker behavior was inspirational. The combination of human and artificial intelligence is reflected in the brain like disc. Combined with a wink to hackers by incorporating a number 3/e in the new name and bisecting  the disc and name with color to clarify pronounciation was critical to reflect the predictive nature of the technology and community it serves. A tagline reflecting the advantage of the technology completed a solid brand identity, name, story and positioning.

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