EAU Technologies

Making branded science work for people, products and their lives 

EAU, an emerging company in the midst of an initial capital raise, had developed a proprietary biotechnology, however, EAU lacked a cohesive and compelling brand and messaging. Multiple and diverse market product applications and business opportunities further complicated and fragmented their internal efforts.

EAU needed new company branding, messaging, a roadshow and marketing materials. All their previous efforts were discarded as they failed to capture or communicate the overall solutions EAU provided. The task was to clearly brand, position and market the company for investors, market makers, companies and end users alike - across a wide range of industries, from food chain processing, consumer healthcare, personal services and potential licensors to franchise systems in the bio technology world. The identity and messaging would need to communicate to this vast audience at numerous touch points- print, online, video, environmental, and some yet to be determined. 
Inspiration for the EAU logo came from a water drop, combined with a hexagon shape appropriately reflecting EAU’s scientific DNA. This hybrid, yet simple symbol, supporting graphical elements, and its crisp visual system allows for great flexibility and communication across industries, while maintaining a unique and memorable appearance. Public reaction to the roadshow and improved messaging yielded full funding and the company soon then went public. The EAU Technology brand consequently gave birth to several additional startups: Aquagen, Zerorez, Perfect Empowered Drinking Water, and Zero+, all adding significant value to the parent company and shareholders. 

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