Finer apparel online for men and others who shop for them


The inflation and implosion of the dotcom bubble was both an innovative boon and financial disaster -- a green light and subsequent red light that when combined in retrospect mixed to form a rather unfortunate brown. But we were there. On the frontlines, with a Mens apparel pure-play dotcom from cradle to grave.


Arguably, most men don’tlike to shop. It was imperative to assure the brands there were no channelc onflicts, especially with their department stores. The overarching idea wasthat MenSelect provided an opportunity to expand upon and support the existing relationships in place at brinks and mortar retail. The experience of shopping via MenSelect presented an opportunity to provide top-notch online customer service typically reserved for in-person transactions.


The MenSelect insignia logo was created, a solitary Man embodied by an M. Masculine colors with a slightly retrospective feel were utilized, for a classic and timeless look. Conducting one-on-one interviews and focus groups in major markets, we came up with thetheme line “Because you have better things to do than shop.” Leather bound coffee table brand books and a monthly magazine conveyed the depth of the brandand fashion offerings with editorial context for interest and authenticity.Retail partner touches included custom hangtags and product booklets.

A fully functional website was developed, with numerous shopping experience paths, product pages and co-branded retail partner pages. Key fashion retail market partnerships were developed so customers cross purchasing, fittings, and promotions could be regionalized and also available when traveling.

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