Retooling a legend and reaching out to new riders 

Harley-Davidson is the undisputed leader in American heavy weight motorcycles. Consequently, H-D bears great responsibility as an industry legend. When a H-D competitor sued over packaging color infringement, and simultaneously new customers were adopting the H-D lifestyle, management knew the time was ripe for a brand and design makeover. 

A tremendous brand history incorporating good times and bad, coupled with a brand following as fanatical as it is loyal, provided plenty to consider. H-D’s dated corporate mission statement, convoluted nomenclature, packaging and in-store signage, combined with a company owned and franchised retail footprint added more layers of complexity, but also presented a powerful branding opportunity and wider palette to leverage potential solutions- especially with a growing and new audience. This new diverse family of riders needed to be identified, categorized, and then tailored to with carefully crafted brand messaging creating a clear, striking and easily maintained brand statement throughout the supply chain and at retail. 
A new mission statement got things rolling and inspired the initial targeted design challenge, Parts & Accessories (P&A). Focus groups provided additional insights and P&A was completely redesigned, with H-D Genuine and the Screaming Eagle sub brand leading the way. Natural chipboard, deep gloss black, and embossed logos clearly and uniquely signified all H-D P&A.

The Core, Evolution and Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) customers were identified, and Motor Clothes was clarified, with customer fashion category labeling, advertising, and signage. American landscapes with roadtrip icons were utilized as only a biker could see them. The outcome at retail, as H-D corporate provides all products to dealers, resulted in visually unified company and franchise stores, all benefiting from the refreshed, powerful and unique H-D brand presentation. 

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