Perfect Water

Naming a product what it is, with science backing it up 

EAU Technology wanted to broaden it’s market offerings - identifying the consumer bottled water market as an receptive entry point for it’s patented technology. Perfect Water’s patented EAU Technology is a 5-step process designed to insure a superior water- one that can only be described as Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™. 

The bottled water market is flooded with numerous offerings and with shelf space at a premium, and little area left for consumer brand adoption, let alone recall. EAU wanted a brand solution that was reflective of their superior commitment to the investment made in the science to actually create their product. For many people, bottled water is not viewed as a luxury, but an integral part of a health and fitness regimen. The diversity of brands, coupled with the size and market stature of the parent companies is significant, and a deterrent to many startups. In partnership with us, EAU felt the challenges could be met, and a new untapped brand positioning could be crafted to reflect the quality of the product, while attracting new bottled water drinkers as well as enticing existing consumers. 
Inspired by the product contents, the Perfect Water logo is a multi dimensional water molecule, with an energized halo contained in a vibrant orange energy disc. The custom bottle was fashioned after a divers oxygen tank, is visually arresting at retail, especially in conjunction with the white vertical type, and the graded metallic silver label. The product appears to float on the display shelf, and icons clearly depict the 5-step manufacturing process. The design feels technical, and reflects the scientific process, a complete, holistic and attractive proposition to the target demographic. Custom displays, advertising, key sponsorships, and product sampling were all branded using the scientific and yet design-forward system.  

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