Birthing and launching a SAAS company from scratch


Raj was asked to lead the development of a SAAS company for a private investor. The idea was to create, develop, brand and launch a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) company that would tie merchants, consumers and non-profits together by leveraging the incentives merchants were already providing consumers through hard to track methods.


Providing an ROI on their incentives and any discounting they choose to do is the holy grail for merchants. Merging the actual physical retail environment to the online sector, with loyalty and real time offers and tracking the results is a very tall order. Others such as Groupon and Living Social were focused on group discounts, with no secure and foolproof method to track the results. Once Nuii was formed, and the core team identified, offices were secured, and we began by seeking to bridge the gap of creating a cost effective method of transactional data linking as the VISA/MC highway was cost prohibitive.


We utilized verifone card reader devices and programmed them to suit our needs, creating our own proprietary network. We then built dashboards for merchants, consumers and non-profits alike, that would allow them to build deals, view deals, transactions and fundraise – all in real time. Data security and volumes required a class 4 data center. By referring the Nuii card to others using a unique keyword, merchants could monetize their customer databases, consumers could save at the merchants they know and love and nonprofits could fundraise efficiently and effectively. Social media, mobile, online videos and traditional marketing efforts were established. Over 400 merchants were secured in just 45 days prior to our launch in Orange County, CA.

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