Cleaning up a market known for sometime playing dirty

EAU Technology desired to broaden it’s market offerings and identified the consumer carpet-cleaning franchise market as a strategic entry point. Zerorez utilizes patented EAU Technology, allowing for toxic-free carpet cleaning and other living surface cleaning processes without equal.  

The carpet cleaning industry is not exactly known for it’s ethics. Bait-and-switch tactics are common; advertising low prices then not adhering to such offers. However, Zerorez intended to redefine the industry, literally. The name, the identity, all the elements had to not only be superior to all competitors in every way, but reflect the process, the end result, and the unique difference Zerorez was to all other competitors. 
The name, logo and tagline are exactly what the company provides. Nothing could be more direct and yet visually compelling for the audiences. The Zerorez logo pattern was created to be reflective of the removal of dirt from a grid of carpet strands. The name is broken into two colors to reinforce it’s pronunciation and integrate it with the tagline. Nomenclature was developed for every step of the service process including attentive branding touches, from the vehicles and invoices to the uniforms and leave-behinds. Supporting marketing materials reinforce the message, with memorable and clever door hangers, magnets, radio spots, and branded products available for purchase from Zerorez technicians directly.  

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