Cartoon Network

Spreading brand fun around the world with a wink and a smirk

Cartoon Network, a leading content provider to children around the world, had a collection of programming which had seen numerous and substantial changes. Hanna-Barbera had been acquired leading up to the merger of Cartoon Network’s content with Time-Warner’s own stable of cartoon characters. Communicating the new brand library depth to those responsible for its use in broadcast, marketing and sales worldwide was quickly determined to be of supreme importance. 

The immense cartoon content created between the late 1940’s up to present day coupled with the task of providing a cohesive brand style guide to direct the Cartoon Network efforts worldwide was paramount. With Tom & Jerry, and Bugs Bunny in cahoots with Fred Flintstone, and the Powerpuff Girls flirting with Johnny Bravo; the range and depth of the properties was wide and complex. Cartoon Network is brilliant at connecting audiences worldwide through what is arguably one of the most widely understood languages-humor. However, what was needed was a universal language and brand platform for all to eminate from.
Searching the vault of Cartoon Network history provided an opportunity to view the current state of affairs from a character perspective, and further encapsulated the goals of the Cartoon Network with those of the various properties. Telling the story in video, print and text was the only way to present the diversity, the contextual situations that would arise, and how to best express them. The comprehensive and stylish boxed set became referred to as the “Brand Bible.” This emerged as the definitive, end-all tie-breaker when it came to creating, reviewing and integrating any campaigns, concepts, tone, look and feel for the Cartoon Network. It also served to further develop and more effectively communicate all attributes of the brand to the masses of loyal Cartoon Network employees and affiliates worldwide.  Additional projects included developing  several Cartoon Network Wacky Racing NASCAR car designs, a NASKIDS brand, associated toys and products, as well as consumer retail packaging.

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