Mikasa Sports

Branding an Olympic legend and refreshing a company future


Mikasa Sports USA is owned by Myojo Rubber, Japan. Mikasa is the Olympic Volleyball providerfor both indoor and beach volleyball. Mikasa is also sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).


With Spalding, Tachikara, Wilson (Amer Sports), Baden, and others competing in the sports ball market space, competition is fierce and well funded. Additionally, sports are extremely socially influenced and have significant fashion, color and trend aspects associated with them often at odds with manufacturing processes and seasonal sports aspects. Offshore manufacturing,
and other logistics greatly effect the product delivery cycle, and the design process. Mikasa desired to not only update its brand, but to take a deeper look at it’s customer base to better identify potential future purchasing trends and other retail opportunities.


While Mikasa’s corporate logo was deemed in good steed, we began by developing brand boards and customer segmentation work, specifically in volleyball for presentation to Mikasa management and Myojo Rubber. Once the research was in place and digested, designs were created with these segments in mind: Indoor vs. beach, novice, recreational, competitive and professionals. All graphics, product names, logos, packaging and related marketing items were completely created or redesigned. Beach characters were developed, inspired from cave drawings, and Mikasa Man, Women and Family were born. Ball designs were created and then captured on video to determine optimal ball patterning for indoor volleyballs, and tested by the FIVB for future TV use. Packaging was designed and engineered so consumers could handle the volleyballs, but also addressed product security issues at retail.

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