Verve Performance Labs

Merging human performance with wellness

Verve Systems LLC is dedicated to increasing human performance with natural wellness technology and options that include equipment, nutraceuticals, and recovery products. Each business unit is focused on users to become the best they can.

Verve needed a brand to be representative of the brand promise of improving human performance. The mouthguard industry is filled with cheap boil-and-bit solutions, offering no performance advantages, and actually obstructing users' airways. The challenge was in crafting a brand to bypass others, and appeal to a professional performance-minded customer, who places getting every possible advantage out of their equipment. Since players were unfamiliar with the brand,  it had to instantly carve out a niche and meaning in a premium space,  setting the bar for the performance mouthpiece industry- a worthy goal .  
The electric V logo represents the energy the users will feel as they increase their performance capabilities. Referencing the notion of VO2Max - the maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise; that is, exercise of increasing intensity. The product names reflect that in both the VO2Max Protection and VO2Max Performance models. Crisp colors, bold fonts and powerful scientific and athletic images, support a dramatic, and powerful brand website.

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