Verve Forever

Farm to bottle American wellness products

Verve Systems LLC is dedicated to increasing human performance with natural wellness technology and options that include equipment, nutraceuticals, and recovery products. Each business unit is focused on users becoming the best they can.

Verve needed a brand to be representative of the brand promise of improving human performance across multiple industries and marketplaces. In the case of Verve Forever, the neutriceutical and supplement market has fierce competition. The hemp space is crowded and full of companies offering cheap, low grade and weak dosage products. The challenge was in crafting a brand and developing products to standout with clear advantages. These included a cGMP approved manufacturing facility, products that are NON GMO, Certified Gluten Free, Kosher and natural.
The electric V logo represents the energy the users will feel as they increase their performance capabilities. Educating the audiences and crafting sub brands for those we wished to serve- athletes, veterans and those with neurological challenges rounds out the offering. Crisp colors, bold fonts with powerful and educational scientific messages and customer images, support a dramatic, and powerful brand, product offering and ecommerce website. The pet products and campaign are fun!

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