Gary Sinise Foundation

A tireless supporter of our troops, veterans, first responders, and others for over 30 years, Gary Sinise wanted to do even more. He was greatly effected by 9/11. Faced with a new reality about the world in which we now live, soon after the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Sinise immediately stepped in to help by volunteering his time with the USO.

Known worldwide as an actor, musician, and star of the hit series CSI: NY and movies such as Forrest Gump, Sinise desired to scale up his own personal efforts and raise additional funds and awareness for his passion of helping our troops, veterans, first responders, and others. With many in his family having a military background, this was very personal, and yet very public.
The Gary Sinise Foundation brand is respectful of, inspired by, and reminiscent of the audience it supports. At once strong, proud, and uniquely American, the brand logo comprises an eagle with uplifted wings, rising, ringed by three stars. The eagle is a symbol of our country, and those who serve. The eagle’s outstretched wings signify helping others. The trinity of stars represents Serving Honor and Need, the foundation's tagline. A robust website, with numerous content areas, full social media integration, branded merchandise, and personalized donation options presents the foundation's online presence - a fitting tribute to the sacrifices made by so many. Launched with great fanfare at the National Press Club in Washington DC and a national press tour by Gary Sinise, the foundation is making a great impact - reflective of the founder's passion and personal mission. 

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