Creating a brand about clean that surpasses absolute zero 

EAU Technology expanded it’s offerings and identified an exploding consumer green-clean product market as an integral entry point. Zero+ utilizes patented EAU Technology, allowing unparalleled toxic free surface cleaning and protection without equal.

EAU needed a brand to be reflective of the companies goals, and fit with concurrent properties in development. The green cleaning market, in it’s infancy, was ripe for a factual and scientific contender, in line with the EAU positioning. The challenge was in crafting a brand to soar above all others, and appeal to a distinctly feminine customer, in a neutral, fresh manner; something the competition was not doing. In addition, buyers, as well as consumers were unfamiliar with the brand, so it had to instantly carve out a niche and meaning in a crowded space, thus setting the bar for the industry- a lofty goal indeed.  
The brand and zero+ logo synthesize the promise of the product within the technology instantly - it’s better than zero. It’s zero+. Using crisp colors, fonts and symbolism, coupled with a compelling tagline, the overall impact is dramatic, and feels clean. A corresponding visual system and supporting graphics provides a 360º brand story throughout multiple product categories with the application of the product expressed in a fresh and natural manner. Zero+ appears factual, tasteful and above the market fray of ordinary cleaning products. Visually depicting clean key household areas with tangible human interaction reinforces the products need, effectiveness, quality and promise of a cleaner life it provides.   

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